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Booking Deposit For 2 Door Saloon


Congratulations it would only cost £ for your . That’s for the back half and that price includes everything from the really light to the really dark tints so it doesn’t matter what shade you go for, the cost will be the same ☺

We have spaces available for booking to suit your requirements, it should only take 2 to 3 hours to do for you and as we are right around from the retail world there is always shopping therapy to have if you want to wait for your car, or alternatively we do have a reception with free wifi. To book, please select a date below and you will be invited to make a deposit.

When you come in I will go through it all with you and show you some examples so we can make sure we use the right tint for you, however the 15% would probably suit your car best as it’s similar to a lot of the factory tints and is dark enough that you struggle to see in, but light enough you can still see out. It also blocks a whopping 55% of the sun’s heat and 72% of the glare! Most films don’t come close to this, they only block 5 – 10%, so ours don’t just look pretty they make a HUGE difference.

You are welcome to pop in and have a look at our work and the various shades we do, or have a look at our Facebook page or this website for more information and pictures.

Full Quote: £
Online Deposit: £20
Remaining Balance: £

To book in your vehicle, please use the calendar below to select an appropriate date and time. Once selected, you can pay your £20.00 deposit directly online and the remaining balance can be paid on the day.


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